Monday, December 7, 2009

Out of scope

I know this is a bit out of scope for a blog about the History of Japanese Baseball, but I can't resist. The seven executives given the chance to vote in the "Executives and Pioneers" Hall of Fame election process today deemed former Tigers owner John Fetzer (?!) more worthy of enshrinement than Marvin Miller. Though greed and ignorance have always been the easy labels to pin on baseball's owners, these seven earned both, and added to them a pettiness I cannot understand- is it that Miller's actions were hurtful, or that they resulted in the players' earning more money? As I see it, the game makes more for everyone than it ever did before. What could possibly be the reason to exclude him? If the argument is that his contributions were/are ultimately negative (something that can reasonably said is still up for debate), then all executives should be excluded, as the ramifications of their decisions, too, are all still up for debate. To quote Mr. Seaver- "It's a no-brainer." Miller should be in the Hall.

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