Friday, December 14, 2012

New Blogs

It has been some time since I have devoted the proper attention to this site - I hope, in the next year, to really get going and add some new content.  In the meantime, some recommendations:

Rob Fitts, author of Banzai Babe Ruth, and Wally Yonemine, has started a new blog:

His tremendous writing talent, combined with an amazing collection of cards, memorabilia, historical artifacts, etc., lead me to believe that this will be an amazing site to check in with regularly.

In addition, the folks at Japanese Baseball Cards recently introduced me to another new site:

Both sites are beautifully done, and I highly recommend them. 

Our friend at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Japan, Ryuichi Suzuki, informed me of the fact that the new Hall of Fame ballot has been released.  An English version can be viewed courtesy of YakyuBaka:

In addition to Koji Akiyama and long-time NoboruAotaFan favorite Masayuki Dobashi, please note that the amazing, bespectacled, Yakult catcher Atsuya Furuta is up for consideration for the first time - we need more four-eyed catchers in the Hall of Fame! (note: the author of this blog was a four-eyed catcher himself)  Also worthy of note - Randy Bass and Greg "Boomer" Wells (along with infielder/pitcher Hiroshi Gondo) all first appearing on the "Expert Division" ballot.

Till next time...
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